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Vechij Himdag Alternative School Inc.
Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD
168 S. Skill Center Rd
Sacaton, AZ

What We Are Reading: Stealing the Gila By David DeJong

March 2, 2015

Dear Parents:

We are releasing your student today because of the inclement weather approaching.  We are currently under a flood advisory.  We release your student, under these conditions, for safety concerns; and because our bus does not always travel on paved roads. 

In these situations, we normally release at 1:00 P.M., to ensure that your student has made the required minutes for school.  While it is not our intention to release early, situations do arise where we may need to.

If you need any more information, please feel free to call the front office.  Or friend our Facebook page or check our website.

Marland Toyekoyah Jr.

Assistant Principal

Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD School

An Arizona Public Charter School 
An Arizona High School Diploma

Our Mission:

The mission of Vechij Himdag Alternative School Inc. is to prepare highly at-risk
(over-age 17- 21, youth returning from dropping out, under-credited youth, teen parents, adjudicated youth and youth with social and behavioral needs) Native American youth to get their lives back on track - graduate from high school and continue on to college, career and self-sufficiency.

What We Believe:

Vechij Himdag Alternative School Inc. emphasizes the intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth necessary for a healthy and productive lifestyle. Our strong blended (Web and Traditional) educational program is built upon a foundation of Akimel O’Otham language and tradition, with special emphasis on sharing and service to others. Vechij Himdag Service Learners have volunteered over 2700 hours of community service in the 2012/2013 school year alone.

Who We Serve:  
  • Grades 9 - 12
  • Ages 14 - 21*
  • Over Age/ Under Credited
  • Teen Parents( Moms and Dads)
  • Adjudicated Youth
  • Homeless or CPS Placement
  • Youth needing social and behavioral support

Our students may be three or more years behind in their coursework when they enroll but with a combination of hard work and dedication a student can complete our program in less than three years (Usually 2 years ) and graduate with a diploma and skills to be career, college or workplace ready.

What We Offer:
Career and Technical Education
Credit Recovery
O'Otham Language
Gila River Indian Community History and Government
Service Learning
Blended Curriculum
Special Education
Teen Parenting Education
Support Programs for Social and Behavioral Health

What We Do:

Career Readiness:

Working closely with our community partners such as:
Gila River Employment and Training, Pima Leasing  and Gila River Indian Community Tribal Education,
students participate in blended learning programs as well as the innovative job readiness programs like Junior Achievement to ensure they not only graduate but continue on to college and or technical training.
The school believes that our work is vital in providing well educated and work ready employees that support the economic development goals of Gila River and Arizona.

Teen Parents:

Our highly successful Teen Parenting program unites First Things First, Early Head Start and Gila River Health Care to provide support for teen moms, dads and infants and grandparents to help these young parents stay in school, delay additional children till after completing their education and prepare for a life of self-sufficiency and independence.

Gila River Culture and O'Otham Language

O’Otham Language revitalization underpins all our work.

By helping young parents, future parents and community citizens relearn their traditional language and support the traditional values of Gila River Indian Community, the school ensures that the next generation of students will be ready for school and to be productive citizens in the future.

  • Free transportation provided to school and all Service Learning and School To Work programs for students residing in Districts 1,2,3,4 and 5 of Gila River Indian Community

  • School Breakfast and Lunch

We rely on our partners and donations from those interested in seeing us achieve our goals to sustain our programs. 
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